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Cali Cloud, Resilient, and Open.

Welcome to your dynamic gateway to a digital transformation journey. Empowering you with robust solutions, we stand by your side as a steadfast partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world.

Built for your industry

Cali Web Design Cloud is built for everyone and anyone either if your a large scale business or individual.

Resiliency and scale

Secure, seamless and managed your way. We will help you grow and scale your project from a small hobby to a huge full-scale enterprise business.

Workloads anywhere

Operate with speed and agility, simplifying how workloads are distributed and managed, and enabling innovation and creativity between projects.

Affordable Pricing

Cali Cloud is the most affordable cloud to exist. We are cheaper than the competition with our tight relationships with our datacenter providers.

Always Free Services

Cali Cloud isnt just paid services but away for you to get into the Cali Ecosystemfor free with access to Cloud Compute, Block Storage, APIs and more.

$350 Cloud Credit

Want more than what our free services offer but arent ready to start paying for service, you can get a $350.00 credit to get setup with Cali Cloud.

Different ways to pay

We offer subscription based payments, pay as you go, or reserved instances, to allow payment flexibility depending on the size of your project.

Featured in Cali Cloud

Crafted specifically to suit the unique demands of your sector.

Cali Web Design is excited to offer cloud services to customers that we are offering an inital credit of $300 to get started with us. If you are a startup you are eligable for a credit of $2500 and if you are a non-profit you can get a credit up to $20,000. Credits are only redeemable for Cali Cloud services and are not to be used for other Cali Web Design services.

Cali Cloud was created as a way to compete with other competitors in the Cloud Computing space. Cali Cloud is differnet from our hosting services as our hosting services are what we call "managed hosting" where we mange the server, resources and system for you and you dont have to do a thing. Cali Cloud is the opposit, its for those who like to build, and manage their servers and resources, its for those who want the most control over their services with us and want it at an affordable rate.

Cali Cloud was created in Janurary of 2023, we decided to take a different approch than some other providers by offering the most affordable rate while offering the most service, as we do with the rest of our services. Cali Cloud is made possible with our tight integrations with our datacenters, partners and providers.

Sign up to Cali Cloud today and claim your $300 Credit!

If you signup today as a new customer you will be able to spend $300 on paid services in addition to over 100+ free services we offer on the Cali Cloud platform. Deploy your application today. Use Code DEPLOYONCALI350 at checkout.

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